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Group bookings

  • For a group visit (more than 8 people) to the Museum of the Americas, you must make a booking at least 15 days in advance.
  • Guided tours are available during the Museum's regular opening hours.
  • Guided tours are open to groups of up to 25 people (including the teacher, guide or educator). If this number is exceeded, the group must be split into multiple groups.

General guided tours (non-school groups)

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Groups (associations, organised groups, continuing education) can visit on their own or request a guided tour provided by CEATE's cultural volunteers.

Groups with specific needs

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The Museum of the Americas's cultural mediation service organises special visits for audiences with specific needs and groups that require and request them.

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Secondary school visits

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Visits guided by CEATE cultural volunteers, who are in charge of presenting and explaining the collections with contents adapted to school groups.

Visit-workshops for preschoolers and primary school

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The Museum of the Americas offers schools an approach to the museum and its collections through tours tailored to different educational levels.