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Oceanian mace

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Dated: 1701-1800

Cultural Context: Melanesian style

Origin: Fiji Islands (Melanesia, Oceania)

Medium: Wood

Technique: Carved, Incised, Polished

Dimensions: Length = 102 cm; Width = 21 cm

Inventory no.: 01674

Mace whose head curves to one side in a fan shape, with a curved tongue shape protusion on the opposite side. The widest part of the head is decorated with dot carving. The round handle has a small raised ring around the end. Oceanian maces come in a variety of types. They had two main purposes: they could be used in interpersonal confrontations or in ritual ceremonies as objects of prestige. The shape of this mace is characteristic of the Fijian islands; called a “skull breaker”, it was associated with ritual headhunting.