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Taller de conservación

Conservation is one of the Museum's main functions. The museum preserves cultural property in order to ensure it is handed down to future generations. This is an indispensable mission and in itself justifies the museum’s existence.

The Conservation Department is responsible for the care of the collections on display, in storage and in transit beyond the walls of the museum. Preventive conservation of collections is an essential activity as it is a continuous, integral intervention that affects our cultural assets as a whole, controlling the conditions of their environment and monitoring the physical condition of each piece. The Department also carries out the appropriate repairs when deemed necessary given the state of conservation of the cultural assets, choosing the most suitable means for each action. It also participates in research projects in collaboration with other institutions, in which new technologies and analytical techniques are used to make progress with the conservation and specific knowledge of the cultural assets in its custody, as well as at a general level of conservation research.

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