Other Services

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• Information and reference

  • The bibliographic information service aims to provide users with information about the resources and services available, so the library will answer any questions about the library and its collections and, in general, about its informational resources, either in person, by e-mail or by telephone.

• Requests or desiderata

  • You can request the purchase of works that are not available in the library by filling in our Desideratas document. The library will then assess the appropriateness of the purchase in accordance with its own criteria for the acquisition of documents and the available budget.

• Donations

  • Donation is the free transfer of a document or set of documents to a library; as such, it is a form of free acquisition for libraries. The Library of the Museum of the Americas is grateful for all donations that help to improve and complete its collection, although it reserves the right to accept them or not, depending on its acquisition criteria. It will not accept, for example, documents of which a copy is already available in the library, those that are photocopies or not originals, or those whose subject matter is not in accordance with our speciality.