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Altarpiece of Saint Joseph

Artist: Anonymous

Dated: 1701-1800

Cultural Context/Style: Neo-Granadian school

Place of Production: Viceroyalty of New Granada (Colombia)

Title: Altarpiece of St Joseph and Child

Material/Support: Wood; Oil painting

Technique: Panel painting

Dimensions: Height = 108 cm; Width = 72 cm; Thickness = 43.5 cm

Side boards: Height = 103.50 cm; Width = 34 cm

Inventory no.: 1981/06/1

Portable altarpiece used for religious celebrations, where it was employed as a moveable altar. The image that occupies the central panel is a depiction of Saint Joseph and the Christ child, painted in oil on wood, with gold leaf appliqué. The decorative richness on the inside contrasts sharply with its appearance when closed, as its overall appearance is that of a drawer, with no decorative elements whatsoever. As such, it was perfect for easy transportation from one place to another.