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Quimbaya funerary urn

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Dated: 250 [BCE] - 430

Cultural Context: Quimbaya I style

Origin: La Soledad, Filandia (Colombia, South America)

Medium: Gold

Technique: Welded, Polished, False filigree, Lost wax

Dimensions: Height = 17.5 cm; Width = 11 cm; Thickness = 6.5 cm; Weight = 525 g

Inventory no.: 17459

Funerary urn depicting a female figure seated on a ceremonial seat. The head is adorned with a headdress, a tubular nose flare and earspools. It also has knee and ankle girdles. The piece is fitted with two rings for suspension and an outlet in the form of a hole in the head. The characteristics of this piece make it possible to identify the representation with a female cacique, or leader. It comes from the funerary assembly known as the "Treasure of the Quimbayas", made up of pieces of great importance due to their historical, artistic, technical and cultural value.