Inca coati

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Dated: 1400-1532

Cultural Context: Inca style

Origin: Acomayo (Department of Cuzco, Peru)

Medium: Clay, Pigments

Technique: Modelled, Painted, Incised, Burnished

Dimensions: Height = 18 cm; Width = 8.5 cm; Depth = 32.5 cm

Inventory no.: 08570

Sculptural vessel depicting a coati or possum. It has two orifices through which liquids could flow in and out, located on the animal's tail and on the snout, respectively. On the back is a band of tocapus, or geometric designs.

This vessel is a pajcha or container for libations of chicha, the main Andean ritual drink, made from fermented maize. The pajchas, along with the keros, were therefore pieces of a clearly ritualistic nature, intended to be used in the different ceremonies and festivals of the Andean agricultural and religious calendar.