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The Museum of the Americas' online catalogue provides access to more than 17,651 records and a total of 57,033 images. More than 70% of the institution's museum collections - most of which are not on display - can be consulted in this way. This percentage will increase with successive publications.

Visitors can discover the museum's rich collections of ethnological items, archaeological pieces, and fine and decorative arts, which range from the prehistory of the American continent to the present day.

Terms of use (PDF 38 KB)

DOMUS is an integrated documentation and museum management system developed by the Ministry of Culture and Sport (Department for State Museums and Department for Technologies and Information Systems). It is a software application for the cataloguing and management of cultural property held by museums.

Catalogued information and digital images of the Museum's collections are displayed to the public via this website, and are already part of the Digital Network of Collections of Spanish Museums.