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About the Museum of the Americas

Welcome to the Museum of the Americas

Madrid’s Museum of the Americas is the only museum in the world dedicated to the preservation, research and dissemination of the heritage of the American continent and the people who have historically inhabited it. Our collections are extensive and diverse, containing pre-Hispanic archaeological objects, works of art from the time of Spanish rule and a large ethnographic sample of American cultural materials from the 19th and 20th centuries.

We seek to become a leader in this field, nationally and internationally, guided by the principles of dialogue, mutual respect and cultural collaboration.


We are a museum that aims to stimulate personal and collective development through an understanding of the diversity of the cultures and societies that inhabited - and still inhabit - the different parts of the Americas. We aim to preserve in order to learn and to learn in order to progress. In this process, research and our commitment to society come together in a practical way to try to help understand the challenges of the present in the society that the museum serves.


We want to develop a sustainable space for innovation, experimentation and museum creation, breaking with the traditional museum model and becoming a leader in the research of American collections and history. In our development as a museum, we aim to strengthen our national and international collaboration and exchange networks.


Innovation and curiosity - Open and dynamic spaceSalto de línea Ethical Commitment - Respect and InterculturalitySalto de línea Personal developmentSalto de línea Sustainability within the SDG 2030.


The Museum of the Americas was created in 1941 to bring together collections from Spain's former territories so that the public could learn about, admire and study them.


Discover the different departments that are responsible for carrying out the Museum's operations. Discover the training internships available.


Help us to protect and disseminate cultural heritage through sponsorship programmes, donations and one-off support for activities and exhibitions.


The Museum of the Americas has spaces available to book for events and activities. Check the terms and conditions here.


Since 2007, the museum has been home to a nest of peregrine falcons, a protected and carefully monitored species. Find out all about our work to ensure their well-being.


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