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The Museum from 1948

The Patronato de las Fundaciones Vega Inclán, created in 1928, agreed to continue the work started by the Marquis in the Casa de Cervantes in Valladolid, and Francisco Javier Sánchez Cantón, Sub-director of the Prado Museum and the architect Constantino Candeira, Deputy Director of the National Museum of Sculpture, were commissioned to draw up the project for a museum in the house where Cervantes had lived.

To recreate the Valladolid house they consulted documents such as dowry letters and wills where the furniture, objects and household goods which the family had possessed could be traced, although their interpretation probably overestimated Cervantes’ standard of living during his stay in Valladolid.

In 2005 to mark the IV centenary of the publication of the first part of Don Quixote, museography was renovated, based on Cervantes family documents (letters of dowry and wills), literature, painting and historical studies Cervantes's time to ensure the highest authenticity in the presentation.Salto de línea