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The historic house museum

The house where Cervantes lived on one of the floors during his second stay in Valladolid belonged to a group of five houses, all the same, built by Juan de las Navas in 1601 on building lots inherited from his father and others he acquired in the calle del Rastro de los carneros.

In architectonic terms, each house has a ground floor, the first or main floor, the second floor and attics.

The front façade is of straightforward construction, with dressed stone on the lower part and the rest brick. The regular arrangement of the windows, with balconies on the first floor and windows on the second conforms to the usual design of façades established in Valladolid since the 16th century. There are dormer windows in the roof.

The back of the house repeats this same structure, and gives into a patio which recalls the yards which would have existed at the time.Salto de línea