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Cognitive accessibility

The Subdirectorate General of Museums (SGME) remains committed to making museums more accessible and friendly to people with cognitive and developmental disabilities, within the framework of the Museums+Social Plan.

To this end, we have rolled out a set of maps and leaflets adapted for Easy Reading. Developed in partnership with Plena Inclusión Castilla y León (Castilla y León Full Inclusion), these are easier for everyone to understand.

The new maps show what paths to follow, indicating some of the services with simple icons and identify the areas using different colours. Some important pieces are also highlighted. The texts have also been simplified to allow for what is called 'easy reading'. This makes them easier to understand for people who have difficulties with reading comprehension.

Accessible map PDF

Easy reading leaflet PDF

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Physical accessibility

Due to the architectural features of the building and the impossibility of retrofitting it, access to the House is not possible for people with mobility disabilities and may be difficult for those with reduced mobility. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Sensory accessibility

Due to the set-up of the rooms, which often feature stairs, narrow passages and a design that displays the works of art in their original setting and without protective elements, the visually impaired visitor may encounter certain difficulties when touring the museum.

For users with hearing aids and hearing implants, a portable magnetic loop system is available at the museum ticket office.