Don Quixote

Miguel Jadraque

Óleo sobre lienzo. Miguel Jadraque y Sánchez Ocaña. 1905.

The scene represents the convalescence of Don Quixote (Part II. Chapter 1) The moment when the priest and the barber -the two male characters sitting in first term- flock to see the gentleman who is in bed. After a long conversation full of wisdom from Don Quixote just showing signs that remains true to his chivalry madness, to the dismay of his friends and anguish of his housekeeper and niece, represented by female figures in the background .

“In short, they went to see him and found him sitting up in his bed, in a wastecoat of green bays, and a red Toledo cap in his head; but the poor gentleman was so withered and wasted, that he looked like a meer mummy. He received them very civilly, and when they enquired of his health, gave then an account of his condition, expressing himself very handsomely, and with a great deal of judgement. After they had discoursed a while of several matters, they feel at last as State affairs and form of Government, correcting this grievance and condemning that, reforming one custom, rejecting an other, and establishing new laws, as if they had been a new legislator.”Salto de línea


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