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Chest with drawers


Pine, silk, velvet and iron 18th century.

A magnificent piece of furniture designed to contain all sorts of belongings although in this case, because of its specially luxurious appearance, it was presumably used to store the most precious personal effects.Salto de línea This exceptional piece, certainly Castilian in origin, has an outside convex lid, with its structure made of pine boards assembled with dovetailed joints. It is fully lined with red silk velvet with gold passemanerie ribbons which form a simple geometric pattern.Salto de línea On the lower front there are two drawers. Their interior is also lined with crimson silk and they have a central partition dividing them into two compartments.Salto de línea The whole piece is enriched with the interesting collection of fittings in gilded wrought iron, comprising handles and locks, the nails with semi-spherical heads which hold the passemanerie in place and cut-out openwork corner reinforcements.


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