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Salto de línea Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra is surely the most universally known writer . Everything about his life, there are only a few written by the documents relating to charges for their business and work as a soldier, a tax collector for news captivity in Algiers , is a mystery. It was a great traveler always looking for a job that would allow him to live and spent time gaps between jobs to write, as stated in kept in the General Archive of Simancas of Valladolid document that says in a letter to Antonio Eraso Indian Council , while awaiting " the caravel ad see if any of a vacancy in the meantime ... I entertain in creating Galatea which is the book I told VM. I was composing ... " .

He lived in Valladolid between 1604 and 1606. While he was writing the prologue and the preliminary poems of Don Quixote, seeking the patrons who support his work as a writer. He dedicate the first part of his novel to the Duke of Bejar , who was living in the city. Here in Valladolid, Cervantes got the real provilege for publishing the book, which was a great success from the start. But here too he was in back in dark matters and was imprisoned .