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An expression of wealth

The most luxurious costumes are the elegant ones worn during local festivities, and the ceremonial ones. They were associated with rites of passage and the life cycle: birth, marriage and death. Both sexes, in an effort to show off a high social position, wore abundant items with a cumulative feel, their wealth deriving from the quality of fabrics, ornaments, footwear and fundamentally jewellery. The costumes, which were part of dowries and inheritances, often comprised the wedding trousseau, which women worked on from an early age. We can see colourful fabrics, richly decorated with needlepoint embroidery, blass beads and sequins, trimmings, braids, ribbons and lace. Also, jewellery made of gold, silver, coral, ivory, bone, pearls and a host of protective secular elements interspersed with religious representations.