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Traditional Costume

Traditional costume is one of this museum's treasures and part of its oldest collections. It's closely associated with the Regional and Historical Costume Exhibition, held in Madrid in 1925 and considered a milestone in the Spanish cultural scene. Many of those items were the embryo of the Museum of the Spanish people, a direct forerunner of this Costume Museum (Ethnological Heritage Research Centre), today an indisputable benchmark for scholars and researchers of the traditional world.

The costumes and their accessories, footwear, headwear, headdress, and jewellery are testimony of a centuries-old past and provide a wealth of information. They tell us about the history of our people and how they approached social and group representation. They're living, family-made costumes, constituting dowries and inheritances; they're still worn for local festivities and, as the historical documents they undoubtedly are, reflect unique ways of feeling, living and celebrating.