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Important Information

display cases to protect the fabrics on view

In the Permanent Exhibition, lighting is dim and the pieces are exhibited in display cases to protect the fabrics on view.

Photos and videos

Photos and videos inside the museum are permitted, but please do not use a flash because it seriously damages the fabrics, from a museological conservation perspective.

mobile phone

You can use your mobile phone freely for Apps, social media, etc.; but we kindly ask you to keep it silenced throughout your visit. If you have no choice but to have a brief telephone conversation inside, please find a more withdrawn area and keep your tone of voice low.


If you need to smoke, you will always need to do so outside.

A glass with a straw and an apple

The café and restaurant are the designated areas for eating and drinking, this is very important for the correct conservation of the pieces.

A bag and an umbrella

We kindly request you leave your belongings such as bags, backpacks, umbrellas, etc., in the cloakroom or lockers


You can enter the area by bicycle, there are specific stands next to the ground floor shop to park it. But please remember, the Museum does not accept any responsibility for their security while in the museum grounds.


Dogs may enter the gardens, and guide dogs of people with vision disabilities may also enter the inside of the Museum.


The Museum has two main entrances, one through Plaza del Cardenal Cisneros and another through Avenida Juan de Herrera. Additionally, there is also an entrance for people with reduced mobility on Calle Paul Guinard.

 Wheel chair signal

If you have reduced mobility you can access the building from any main entrance, since there are no architectural barriers. You can also make use of the car access (loading and unloading) located on Paul Guinard S/N street, directly to the elevators that lead to the reception area, on the first floor.


Ticket offices close 30 minutes before the Museum closes.