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La Vie en Rose on social media

Imágenes con frases empleadas en la promoción de la exposición La Vie en Rose.

The exhibition HT with all the information is #LaVieenRose, though for particular actions we’ve also designated particular hashtags. All the details of our activities for the temporary exhibition "La Vie en Rose​" [Nueva ventana] is available here.

The Pink Route Facebook

To invite you to visit the exhibition "La Vie en Rose" Nueva ventana in the Museo del Traje, we’ve organised a route around Madrid to discover the colour pink in all its senses.

It will take you through the city in search of all those key points to enjoy the colour pink in its different forms.

The Pink Route will be spread throughout Madrid and the objective will be to discover different atmospheres or places in which the colour pink takes centre stage.

You can download the contents of the Pink Route here PDF . We hope you enjoy it! And don’t forget to tell us what other places you recommend and whether our route has helped you discover a more rose-tinted Madrid.

Breaking the stereotype Instagram

We’d like to take advantage of the exhibition to break the stereotypes that surround the colour pink. And what better way than to break them directly? Through the stories of @MuseodelTraje we invite you to break the stereotypes we propose using gifs to create a new image around the colour pink. Participants will have the chance, through a raffle, to take part in an exclusive guided tour with the exhibition curators, Lucina Llorente and Juan Gutiérrez.

#MiVieenRose Competition Instagram

The proposal we make through this action revolves around design. The objective is for you to form part of the temporary exhibition with your own graphic design. The winning creations will be printed in postcard format and placed at the public’s disposal in the exhibition room.

Clothes, furniture, objects… The design can communicate anything you like, even when we’re talking about pink. We can create things that communicate sweetness and fragility, but also strength, psychedelia, rupture… among many other qualities. And we’ll prove it. We suggest five pieces that function as blank canvases on which to unleash your creativity obeying just one rule: use the extensive family of pink tones! You can do whatever you like, but in pink.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE competition Mi Vie en Rose PDF Salto de línea WINNERS OF #MiVieenRose PDF