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The Press section of the Diffusion Department coordinates the Museo del Traje’s relationship with the media, regularly informing journalists and writers about all the activities and exhibitions that take place.

To do so, it sends out press notes, a quarterly activities bulletin and press dossiers, in addition to graphic material sent to anyone who requests it along with the corresponding authorisation for the publication of images. Similarly, press conferences and guided tours with the exhibition curators are also organised.

It is also responsible for managing and coordinating interviews with curators, conservators, the Museo director, etc., as well as recordings and photography sessions. To do so, and with a view to preserving and conserving the Museo’s pieces, we always abide by an action protocol for capturing images.

Media Protocol PDFSalto de línea Rules for taking photographs and media attention in the Museo’s exhibition rooms

Notas de prensa

Aquí están disponibles las notas de prensa publicadas por el Museo.