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The mission of the Museo del Traje is to conserve, protect and promote the fashion and clothing collections it houses, as well as all the direct or transversal knowledge associated with them, providing its visitors with activities based on a solid and accessible discourse, students with a place to exchange knowledge and professionals of the sector with a meeting and development point.

The Royal Decree 120/2004, of January 23rd, founding the Museo del Traje. Centro de Investigación del Patrimonio Etnológico, endows the institution with the following functions in its definition:

  • Showcase the unity and diversity of the cultural manifestations in Spain from an anthropological perspective.
  • Conserve, protect and promote knowledge of the ethnological heritage made up of all those testimonies that are or have been a relevant expression of the people’s culture in Spain in their material, social or spiritual aspects.
  • Highlight the historic evolution of the clothing, analysing its technical, social, ideological and creative implications through the diversity and constant changes in dressing practices, bringing together the material samples and informative elements necessary to do so, from the most remote eras documented to a present time that must be permanent and lead the Museo to act as a chronicler of the evolution and achievements of contemporary fashion design.
  • Foster research in the area of Spanish ethnological heritage, becoming a national and international benchmark centre, converting the museum into a Centre for Ethnological Heritage Research.