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Venue hire

The Museo can house functions, on the request of any public or private entity, as long as it has a free room with the necessary capacity for their purposes and it does not interfere with the Museo’s activities programme.

The spaces

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The function room (190 seats)Salto de línea The function room space, with a theatre layout, is appropriate for celebrations such as award ceremonies, conferences, congresses, seminars, working sessions, presentations, theatre performances …

La plazaSalto de línea The Museo del Traje has a large area in its gardens that’s idea for gala dinners, shows, awards ceremonies …

The patio and the arcade Salto de línea Two more possible venues for a dinner, cocktail party or open-air show, but in this case within a minimalist, architectural setting that outlines the pure lines of the building.

The garden room Salto de línea The garden room is a large, diaphanous and multi-purpose space, with a surface area of 348 square metres capable of housing any event type, from dinners to product presentations or exhibitions.

The Café de Oriente in the Museo del TrajeSalto de línea The Café de Oriente in the Museo del Traje has the exclusive contract to cater events held in the Museum. It offers three different venues:

  • Restaurant
  • Private room
  • Cafeteria

Steps to follow

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If you wish to organise your event at the Museo del Traje, please send the application form for the authorisation of the use of museum spaces two months in advance, to the email address administracion.mt@cultura.gob.es e-mail specifying:

  • Company organising the event
  • Date of the event
  • Type of event (awards ceremony, presentation…)
  • Duration of the event
  • Number of guests invited
  • Short initial description of the assembly and execution time

Application for authorisation to use museum spaces DOC

If you wish to use the restaurant, cafeteria and terrace venues or you wish to enjoy the catering or restaurant services, please contact El Café de Oriente in the Museo del Traje.

Information:Salto de línea 91 550 20 55Salto de línea restaurante.museo@grupolezama.es e-mailSalto de línea www.grupolezama.es Nueva ventana