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Auditory and visual accessibility

Entrance to the Museo is free of charge for people with disabilities, on presentation of their Disability Certificate or their corresponding card. If the person with a disability needs to be accompanied, entrance is also free for their companion. Guide dogs are admitted once the corresponding documentation has been presented.

Auditory Accessibility

The Museo del Traje is equipped with devices that facilitate information access and participation in the Museo’s activities for those people with hearing disabilities: T-coil at the customer service desk of the Museo, the library and the cafeteria, in the function room and on the walkway; individual t-coils for users of hearing-aids or ear implants; and individual sound amplifiers connected to portable, wireless equipment for people with hearing difficulties; both devices can also be connected to the audio-guides.

These devices were sponsored by the Fundación Orange, in collaboration with FEAM (Federación Española de Amigos de los Museos), in the framework of the agreement between these institutions and the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sports, with a view to guaranteeing information accessibility and participation in the Museo’s activities for people with hearing disabilities.

In the same way, the charity “CLAVE, atención a la deficiencia auditiva” has also worked together with the Museo del Traje to create a report on the services and means available in the Museo at present, to promote the social and cultural integration of people with hearing disabilities, as well as testing the efficacy of the same.

Project sponsored by: Fundación Orange in collaboration with the Federación Española de Amigos de los Museos.

Activities for people with hearing disabilities

Visit to the Permanent Exhibition with an LSE interpreter

Visual accessibility

The Museum also offers a leaflet with general information about the Museum in braille and macro-characters that can be requested at the ticket office.Salto de línea Project sponsored by: Once and Aristia.

Activities for people with vision disabilities

Actividad para personas con discapacidad visual en la que mediante el tacto se descubren las diferentes siluetas