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Physical Accessibility

Plano situación del Museo del Traje: 3 accesos A (Plaza cardenal Cisneros), B (Av. Juan de Herrera) y C (Calle Paul Guinard) Pulse para ampliar

The Museo del Traje is accessible to the majority of people with some form of physical disability.

Exterior accessibility

It is possible to reach the Museo comfortably by public transport: the Museo has two metro stations close-by (Ciudad Universitaria and Moncloa) fitted with lifts that go from the platforms to the street. Located at an approximate distance of 500 metres from the museum, all journeys are passable, with any unevenness having been corrected in line with the current accessibility regulations.

The vast majority of the EMT buses covering the area (lines 46, 83, 133, F, G, I, U) are fitted with accessibility systems and special seats for the disabled.

Museum access from the street is possible without any unevenness, even the footpaths have been conveniently lowered.

For convenience reasons, wheelchair access must be through the C/ Paul Guinard entrance.

Interior accessibility

The café, shop, temporary exhibition rooms, multi-purpose room and garden are all located on the ground floor, without any different floor levels to navigate.

Access to the permanent exhibition as well as the educational workshops, the library and the function room, located on the first floor, is via two lifts with a capacity for 16 people and sufficient space for three wheelchairs in each one.

The exhibition itself has been conceived to occupy one floor without any different levels and with the necessary width to allow for the passage of a wheelchair at all points.