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Fashion Extra!

November 22th 2019 – March 1st 2020

Exposiciones temporales

Cartel de la exposición ¡Extra Moda! con figurines de moda del siglo XIX.

The birth of the fashion press in Spain

This autumn we’ll travel in time through fashion magazines: from the France of Louis XIV, with the birth of the luxury industry, to the end of the 19th century and the arrival and development of the fashion press in Spain.

The common thread will be the different fashion publications, associated with different milestones: the first, the Mercure Galant, that appeared in France (1672); then the publication of the first flagship fashion magazines that still persist today, such as Harper’s Bazaar (1867) and Vogue (1892), in the United States.

Different transversal interpretations are presented according to the magazine types: feminine, feminist, educational… with the objective of creating a certain woman type. Other aspects that stand out are the evolution of the silhouette, the change of attitude that came with the introduction of sports, social life or the woman joining the workforce and her life in the domestic setting.

Fashion Extra! invites reflection on the fashion press model in current society by journeying to its origins. Fashion sketches, clothing and other pieces from the Museo’s collection make up this exhibition together with resources from other public institutions and private collections.

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Curatorship: María Prego and Ana CabreraSalto de línea Coordination: Ana MuñozSalto de línea Production: Museo del TrajeSalto de línea Where: ground floor exhibition room

Free admittance until capacity is reached

Fashion Extra! Brochure. Temporary exhibition brochure

Fashion Extra! Brochure

Temporary exhibition brochure
María Prego de Lis and Ana Cabrera Lafuente
46 p. Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, Museo del Traje y Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), 2019

Visit the temporary exhibition in 3D

Fashion Extra! in 3D

Visit the temporary exhibition in 3D
You can explore it by following the itinerary freely or using the virtual reality apps

Imagen de la sala de exposiciones con el vídeo final al fondo

Vídeo ¡Extra, Moda!

Audiovisual de la exposición temporal
Aborda los temas centrales de la muestra para finalizar con una reflexión sobre la sostenibilidad de la moda.