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The violet glasses. A feminist look

The Modern Social Sciences consider the body as a cultural element, sign of social position, occupation or gender are inscribed on it through the way we move, in which we adorn ourselves and how we dress.

In the West, aspects of sexual difference have been marked and, consequently, oppositions have been created between male and female models.

Historically, the aspects of sexual difference have been reinforced, creating oppositions between the models of the masculine and the feminine, creating a dichotomous binary system.

This cycle of videos takes a tour through the presentation of the Collection of the Costume Museum reviewing the history of fashion, in particular from the 18th to the 20th century from a feminist perspective.

Content: Paula Ramirez Jimeno.Salto de línea Production and direction: Cariñito Films

1. Introducción
2. El imperio de los estilos
3. La moda romántica
4. La nueva mujer y las polémicas en la moda Belle Époque
5. Ruptura y vuelta orden en torno a las grandes guerras
6. De la liberación sexual a "Armas de mujer"