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Extra, extra - it’s fashion! The birth of the fashion press in Spain

This exhibition reflects on the fashion press as it is in today's society by travelling back to its origins. This chronological journey travels from the 16th century to the end of the 19th century, highlighting the library's holdings in relation to pieces from the Museum's fashion and accessories collections.

The taste of an era

The Costume Museum has a large and varied collection of advertising posters from 1822 to the present day, including works by the most important Spanish poster designers and lithographic printers. Among these, food posters occupy a significant place.

Pedro Rodríguez: 'haute couture' on paper

This exhibition presents the graphic archive of the Spanish couturier Pedro Rodríguez (Valencia, 1895-Barcelona, 1990), aiming primarily to show the work of this master of Spanish haute couture from 1940, when he opened his salons in Madrid, until 1976, when the firm closed its doors in its three locations: Barcelona, San Sebastian and Madrid.

15 years without Gianni

Gianni Versace's career spanned from the late 1970s to the tragic event that ended his life in 1997. During those years, the couturier gave life to a whole aesthetic universe in which he brought together a diverse range of influences, drawn from the entire history of art, but especially from Greco-Latin antiquity.

Spain in fashion

Contemporary Spanish creators create a brand. This exhibition covering half a century of Spanish fashion shows the enormous potential of our most outstanding creators.

Impossible fashion

The middle decades of the 20th century saw the definitive emergence of modernity, both in the creative and social fields. This was the beginning of an era of revolutions and counter-revolutions, of conceptual art and anti-artistic expressions, of extreme individualism and cultural movements of all stripes. It also marked a turning point in the development of fashion.


This exhibition highlights the complexity of the relationship between people and other animals, using the ethnological collection of the Museo del Traje (the Costume Museum) Centre for Ethnological Heritage Research, which allows many of these interactions to be captured.

Virtual tour permanent exhibition Museo del Traje

Journey through fashion.
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