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Summer in the Museo

24 - 28 junio 2024 / 1-5 julio / 8 - 12 julio 2024

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Summer is holiday and fun time. Which is why the Museo gives children the chance to take part in our activities. The Summer in the Museo programme suggests filling the warm summer mornings with visits and workshops, while also meeting the demand for fun, cultural children’s activities in the school holiday period.

These workshops last one week, taking place in the mornings (9:00 - 14:00 h). Over these 5 days, from Monday to Friday, they will have the chance to discover and learn about very varied topics in which clothing is always present.

As we’ll have more time than in the winter workshops, we will be able to delve deeper into certain aspects of clothing and carry out more technically complex works. In addition, as they are aimed at groups of children, without the company of adults, there is a stronger emphasis on other transversal aspects such as coexistence or teamwork.

Each of the workshops is aimed at a specific age group so that the contents, objectives and difficulty level adapt better to the targets.

Two workshops are included within this programme, that revolve around two very distinct yet complementary themes associated with the history of clothing.

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The activity Summer in the Museo 2019: On Silk Ribbons and Sheepskin Coats Nueva ventana includes the two workshops, each lasting one week, from Monday to Friday, held from the end of the school term in the month of June through July.

Time: 9:30 - 14:30: opens from half an hour before the start and until half an hour after the end.Salto de línea (Mid-morning, we will have a snack with the children)Salto de línea Ages: children aged from 5 to 12 years old.

Free admittance, prior reservation required

Information:Salto de línea 91 050 55 76 (Monday - Friday / 10:00- 15:00 h) Salto de línea talleresdidacticos.mt@cultura.gob.es e-mail

Imagen tomada durante uno de los talleres de verano en los jardines del Museo. Se aprencia una persona adulta y varios niños y niñas de espaldas.

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Talleres individuales para peques entre 4 y 12 años