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Museo by Hand Club

The Museo by Hand club was created by the Museo del Traje to bring together all those who, like us, appreciate the value of handmade. In this space we make you participants of the Museo’s programme and we also listen to your proposals. Many of the activities undertaken are based on initiatives from the club members.

We’ve created a cozy corner to meet up and share interests. If you’re part of a crafts group and you’re looking for a space for your get-togethers, don’t hesitate to join the club and book your days. If you prefer to do your own thing, we’re sure this space will allow you to peacefully enjoy your free time.

The Museo organises activities aimed especially at, and taught by, club members. We want to surprise you with the collections of crafts the Museo has accumulated over the generations and show the applications of this work on clothing from the oldest 16th and 17th century examples to the most modern designs. The collections of the Museo del Traje are fascinating catalogues of techniques and the Museo by Hand workshops an exceptional space in which to recreate them.

The businesses associated with our club also offer benefits and discounts to the Museo by Hand members.

Club membership is free of charge.

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Information: Salto de línea 91 050 55 90Salto de línea 91 050 55 95

museoamano@cultura.gob.es e-mail



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Mención de honor premio Ibermuseos 2019

El Club Museo a Mano del Museo del Traje ha recibido la mención de honor en la X edición del Premio Ibermuseos de Educación. Desde 2010, el Programa Ibermuseos reconoce y fomenta el potencial educativo de los museos, a través de un premio que persigue fortalecer el papel social de los museos en Iberoamérica.

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