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Popular Culture Photography Competition

Popular culture photography combines artistic value with a documentary touch; it constitutes a graphic and anthropological document to spread awareness and diffuse the different ways of life, traditions, arts and ways of thinking of the Spanish peoples and individuals.

In 1983, the National Photography Competition on crafts, traditions and customs of the people of Spain was created. The following year, the name of the competition was changed to National Photography Competition on Popular Arts and Traditions while also extending the content of the works, to cover any manifestation of the popular arts and traditions within the Spanish state.

Following the 1990 edition, the Competition ceased to exist, until it was started again in 2001 under the name Popular Culture Photography Competition, with a State-wide scope and an annual frequency.

The photographic and artistic quality of the works is particularly valued, as a means of communication and artistic expression, and the subject matter should be of special interest, whether for its ethnographic relevance or for the anthropological study of the different popular cultures of the Spanish state, by referring to cultures undergoing a context marked by crisis and change or that are little known, or by covering contemporary situations.

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"Peregrinos" Autor: José Manuel Sos Gargallo
"Malasaña" Autor: Jesús Antonio Rodríguez Pérez
"Julio el botero" Autores: Francisco Javier Maza Domingo