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Imagen detalle de un asistente a una actividad educativa en el Museo del Traje en la que está pintando un trabajo plástico.

We work on the programme throughout the year to address the youngest members of the family (with proposals for children from the age of 3), families, young people, adults and the elderly. We also design meticulous projects for people with special needs.

The structure of the activities is diverse, we enjoy learning about fashion and the history of clothing through different actions: getting to know the wide variety of Museo collections in the Permanent Exhibition, the Museo’s gardens and spaces, including the storerooms and temporary exhibitions. And the activities we prepare are workshops, tours based on recreations, educational programmes and competitions.

In addition to the Museo’s whole official education programme, available for consultation on the left-hand menu, in recent years we have dedicated special attention to developing the participative activities of the Museum by Hand Club as a result of the demand for these.