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Fashion in the 20th Century

In 2006 the Ministry for Culture acquired, for the Museo del Traje, the collection of 20th century fashion compiled by Enrico Quinto and Paolo Tinarelli.

It is a collection made up of more than 880 articles of clothing which, given the quality and variety of the pieces, could constitute a fashion museum in itself.

From dresses by the legendary Paul Poiret to suits by Victor & Rolf; outfits from the end of the 19th century through to 2002; extravagantly decorated dresses from the 1920s; exponents of the New Look of the 1950s; pop fashion from the 1970s and all the excesses of the 1980s and 1990s are represented in this collection.

Revered masters of fashion such as Balenciaga, Madame Gres and Pertegaz, together with key figures in the creation of haute couture like Valentino, Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Versace or Westwood. A positive directory of designers who demonstrate the wide range of tendencies in clothing over the last century.

In short, the collection reviews the most eminent designers on the international scene in the 20th century, and leaves a collection of clothes which is fundamental for the study of fashion and its development and for the arrangement of exhibitions, both temporary and permanent, at the Museo in the years to come.

moda siglo xx
moda siglo xx