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Application for loans

El Museo del Traje. Centro de Investigación del Patrimonio Etnológico houses a very diverse range of collections frequently in demand for temporary exhibitions on different subjects, both in Spain and abroad.

Application in writing

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The loan application for temporary exhibitions should be made via official letter applying for the loan, sent by the person responsible for the applicant entity, addressed to the director of the Museo del Traje: Helena López de Hierro d´Aubarède.

Salto de línea This letter must include:

  • The details of the applicant entity and person responsible for the application (usually the director of the centre in question).
  • The exhibition details (name, dates, centre it is to be held in, brief presentation of the content and specific interest of the pieces requested within the exhibition discourse).
  • Details of the curator (name and brief introduction).
  • The list of pieces requested (indicating the inventory number or specific identification of the same).
  • Possible exhibition tours.

The Exhibition Project and Report on the Condition of the exhibition rooms (Facility Report) must be attached as an annex to the letter.


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This application must be sent to the Museo at least 6 months prior to the date on which the works will have to be dispatched (9 months for exhibitions outside Spain). Once the letter has been received, the advisability of the loan will be evaluated. Should the outcome of this evaluation be positive, the Museo will send the organiser the documentation containing the terms and conditions of the same.

The terms and conditions of the loan sent by the Museo lay down the requirements for the conservation, restoration, preparation of the pieces, security, assembly systems, environmental parameters, institutional mail, insurance policy, images and reproductions, expenses, catalogues, etc.

Occasionally, due to the fragility of part of the Museo collections, it will not be possible to agree to loan some pieces that have been recently exhibited as these require a “period of rest”.

Once the loan terms and conditions have been accepted by the organiser, the Museo will forward the loan application for government property for temporary exhibition to the Ministry for Culture and Sports for approval and processing of the corresponding Reglamento de Museos de Titularidad Estatal y del Sistema Español de Museos (RD 620/87, of April 10th). The loan will not be definitively accepted until said Ministerial Order has been obtained.

Should it be necessary for the pieces to leave Spanish territory, it will also be necessary to obtain mandatory Temporary Exportation Permits for state property, in addition to processing all the other customs procedures.

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