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Rectangular Sampler

Dechado rectangular en color crudo con cuatro borlas en las esquinas. La decoración, geométrica, zoomorfa, fitomorfa, humana y epigráfica en colores tostados, crudos, azules y verdes. Pulse para ampliar

Castilian School, 1815

Rectangular sampler in unbleached linen taffeta with borders that have a rolled hem. It has four silk tassels, one at each corner. Decoration: Geometric, zoomorphic, human and epigraphic. Figured (Christian-symbolic), made using needlepoint embroidery, long-and-short stitch, cross stitch and interweaving, hemstitch and lockstitch, with silk threads in toasted, ecru, blue and green tones. The pattern comprises two rows of lock stitching alongside the rolled hem of the largest sides, three different borders on each of the four sides, with geometric motifs of triangles, squares, fish scales, rhomboids, octagons, eight-pointed stars, etc.

At the centre of the top, numbers and name of the author, master and date in 10 lines: `A B C D E F G H I / J K L LL M N Ñ O P / Q R S T V X Y Z / ME. E./ NSº Dª. JOSEFA./PACHECO Y LO/Hº ANTONIA./CALAS AÑO DE/1815`. Underneath, there’s a woman with a long triangular skirt, a vase with three carnations, a basket, a bird and a dog.

Inventory: MT-001937