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Hispanic-Moorish Silk Brocade

Hispanic-Moorish Silk Brocade Pulse para ampliar

Ca. 1350

Silk brocaded with gold-coloured, metallic bullion thread on a silk core in red and blue decorated with long basting stitches in the weft on the satin background, following a geometric pattern in vertical strips, in which the colour of the decorative motifs varies, (roses and geometrical figures with clearly Oriental influences, similar to the decoration of the Alhambra).

Clear example of Hispanic-Moorish fabric, of those woven in Granada in the 14th and 15th centuries. Recognisable for its rich colouring that preserves all of its vibrancy and intensity in spite of the centuries gone by, indicating the high quality of the natural dyes that remain unchanged through time.

Dation: INDITEX S.A., 2003

Inventory: MT-088659