Shawl Pulse para ampliar

Ca. 1860

Manilla shawl in beige silk and embroidered in the same material in different colours and multiple chromatic nuances. The peacock feather embroidery work particularly stands out, achieved by joining ends of coloured silk threads twisted together, creating the optical effect of a metallic thread.

The decorative pattern consists of two parallel panels. The outer, narrower panel is made up of a decorative motif of a swirling stem with scattered flowers in alternating colours.

The wider, inner panel introduces decorative motifs that include butterflies, peonies and peacock feathers, following a composition that goes from the centre to the edges. The latter forms a composition framed by two Chinese constructions, a temple and a pagoda, a peony plant dominates the centre of this. Its stalk rises from a stream in which a peacock stands. Numerous insects and small birds are scattered over the scene. The two ends of the shawl repeat the same decorative pattern. The centre of the shawl has a spattered, checkerboard decoration of flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and small birds.

Inventory: MT-014193