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Ama Pasiega Costume

Ama Pasiega Costume

Vega de Pas (Cantabria)

Blouse with crocheted lace edging on the neck and cuffs. The jacket, apron and underskirt are made of flannel and purple velvet. The jacket is buttoned onto the bust of the apron, leaving part of the blouse visible underneath. The skirt and apron are decorated with strips of black velvet and golden passementerie, and the back of the jacket with a big bow.

This ensemble, though rich, was not for festive use but rather a work uniform used by the wetnurses in Cantabria to differentiate themselves from those of other zones when they went in to provide service in the houses of the upper classes in big cities. The garment, along with the jewellery, reflected the economic power of the family attended.

Inventory: MT-005200B y MT-05202-04


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