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Peliqueiro Costume from Laza

Peliqueiro Costume from Laza

White shirt, short jacket with deep red velvet appliqués, passementerie and military epaulettes, breeches decorated with coloured fringing interwoven with crochet strips, belt with two large cowbells and a wooden mask with a cat hide at the back and a painted, tinplate front panel.

The peliqueiros or cigarrones formed part of the whipping masks, the central characters of the festival who have the privilege, among others, of chasing and hitting people with their whip while these cannot respond in kind. Spanish rural carnivals exude symbolism and are replete with unique characters.

Inventory: MT-000210 y MT05761-66


  • Caro Baroja, Julio, El carnaval, Madrid, Taurus, 1965: 256