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Farmer from Murcia

Farmer from Murcia

Jabalí Viejo (Murcia)

Shirt with a big collar that closes with ties. The waistcoat is worn over this, with front panels in velvet. A sash at the waist and zaragüelles, breeches with billowing legs that reach the knee. On the head, he would wear a black velvet hat.

The fabrics used and the cut indicate its use in warms climates such as Levant and eastern Andalusia.

These garments were generally used among vegetable growers or farm workers and it identified them as horchata makers and orange vendors in the Spanish markets. It is widely believed that the zaragüelles are of Arab origin, but they are probably a variation of billowing undergarments, as similar models are to be found in other regions.

Inventory: MT-005420-MT-005423