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Calling Cape, ca. 1880-1890

Visita, ca. 1880-1890. Colección Museo del Traje, Madrid. Pulse para ampliar

Fitted bodice with two hanging tails at the front and a small front yoke. Rounded shoulders. From the waistline a fan of five pleats open out on each side that end in the seam of the yoke. Hook and eye in the waist and eight flat buttons, handlined with eyelets, hidden by a small flap. Bombasting and backstitched lining. Silk and chenille fringes on the entire perimeter. Straight stand-up collar, with folds on the front. Shorter at the back than at the front. Central piece with applied embroidery. Double-keeled on the sleeves to create structure. The entire outline is adorned with fringing. Chenille and different-ply golden braiding to outline the motifs.

Inventory: MT-011037