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Girl's english gown, ca. 1780

Vestido infantil, ca. 1780. Colección Museo del Traje, Madrid. Pulse para ampliar


Yellow damask silk dress in two shades.

Long, with a round neckline that closes at the back. Short, very narrow sleeves and reticella lace at the cuff. The edges of the cuff and neckline are trimmed with a pleated green silk ribbon. The same ribbon adorns the whole front of the bodice in the form of a breastplate. This dress which, unlike the robe, was fitted at the back in the fashion of the English gown, in Spain was known as a vaquero (literally, cowboy) in the English style.

This girl’s vaquero is very similar to one worn by Maria Teresa de Borbón as a child in the portrait of her by Francisco de Goya in 1784.

Inventory: MT-000567