Bridal Gown, 1902

Traje de novia de Julia de Herce, 1902.  Colección Museo del Traje, Madrid. Pulse para ampliar

Belle Époque

Bodice composed of an internal silk bodice, with a central seam down the back and three whalebones. External blouse yoke bodice in satin, opens into a V, with background silk pleating and a flounce down the front and four open pleats that end in the waist.

Atelier: Julia de Herce / Madrid

On the inner waistband of the bodice, the name of the fashion designer appears "Julia de Herce", she was active in Madrid from the decade of 1890 until the first third of the twentieth century. We also have records of another renowned fashion designer, Laureano Herce, most probably a family relation, who was responsible for making Queen Victoria Eugenia’s bridal gown in 1906.

Inventory: MT-088287-88