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Man’s Suit, ca.1800

Vestido masculino "a la francesa", ca. 1800 Pulse para ampliar


The coat is in striped black, pink and green silk serge and brown cotton. It is decorated with die-cut metallic buttons with a laurel leaf motif. The waistcoat, in brown and sepia coloured silk, is embellished with a vegetal garland of juxtaposed leaves with fruit, alternated and dotted with flowers and stems. The breeches are dark brown Gros-de-Tours silk.

Donation from Eusebio Güell (Viscount), 1934

Coinciding with the reign of Carlos IV a greater tendency towards simplicity was observed, thanks to the influence of English fashion, with its preference for dark colours and a lack of adornment. The high stand-up collar, the open shirttails revealing the breeches and the waistcoat position it, by typology, at around 1800. From 1795 on, striped fabrics became very fashionable.

Inventory: MT-00402-MT-00404


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