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Parasol, ca. 1910-1914

Sombrilla, 1910-1914. Colección Museo del Traje, Madrid. Pulse para ampliar

Semi-spherical canopy made of silk fabric with visible selvedge along the edge. It has eight ribs, handstitched to the canopy fabric, metallic shaft and tip, and a smooth, varnished beech wood handle embellished with a flat metallic knob at the end. There is a portrait of an 18th century lady on the knob, made in cardboard in imitation of a ceramic piece. Hand painted decoration on the canopy, with fruit and floral motifs that trace a garland of oranges, lilac branches and foliage with light and shadow effects in hues of red, orange, violet and green, the edge of the parasol is embossed with motifs. It has an ivory-coloured, silk string with a large tassel in the same colour hanging from it, the head of the tassel is a flattened ball lined with chenille thread, attached to another cylindrical piece covered with chenille at the ends and floss silk in the middle. Metallic push button clasp and narrow white ribbon at the end of a rib with a ring at one end that fits into a flat metallic button on the opposite end of the same.

"D.R.G.M", an engraving of a jockey astride a horse and underneath the same, B&C.

The presence of a portrait of an 18th century lady is not surprising given that this artistic period had an enormous influence on women’s fashions throughout the 19th and start of the 20th centuries.

Inventory: MT-020245