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Short waistcoat, ca. 1785-1790

Chupa, ca. 1785-1790. Colección Museo del Traje, Madrid. Pulse para ampliar


TheShort sleeveless waistcoat with a round neck. front panels are made of Gros-de-Naples in yellow silk and the back of felted wool. It is embellished with die-cut and concave sequins alternating with straight stretches decorated with floral motifs and garlands of sequins.

The waistcoat was worn over a shirt and formed part of the man’s habit à la française, composed of coat, waistcoat and breeches. This waistcoat, given its fitted bodice confection, narrow trapezoid tails that open to form a peak and absence of buttons at the top to reveal a lace or fine fabric ruffle, coincides with the typology of 1790.

Inventory: MT-000905