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Woman's Dress, ca. 1780

Bata, ca. 1780. Colección Museo del Traje, Madrid. Pulse para ampliar


Chinese silk dress with polychromatic floral decoration. Long and open in front to reveal an underskirt known in Spanish as a brial. It closes at the front. Two double, flat pleats hang down from the back neckline to the lower hem in the style of a train. Chiffon ribbons, metallic plates, floral motifs and butterflies provide the decoration.

Robe à la française known in Spain as a bata. The most characteristic feature of this dress is its deep, flat pleats at the back that reach down to the lower hem in the form of a train. It derives from the French flying gown of 1720 which from this date on was transformed into the dress with pleats subsequently known as the robe à la française. Its neckline is rounded and its sleeves decorated with flounces position it close to the models that emerged around 1780.

Inventory: MT-015368A-B