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Dress by Sybilla

Vestido España de Sybilla, en crespón de seda, 1996. Colección Museo del Traje, Madrid. Pulse para ampliar

España dress by Sybilla, in silk crepe, 1996.

Evening dress in black, silk crepe. Long, fitted bodice with a round neckline at front and back. Nylon threads on the bust join the different geometric pieces that make up the front, with a Latin cross at the centre. The lining is in the same fabric as the dress, ensuring a perfect fall.

"The España dress is from a period in which the designer had reached personal and creative maturity; it’s a turning-point in her career (...). The line of the dress, aligned with the reining minimalism of the mid-nineties, is sober and pure. The originality of its design is focused on the front, more precisely the bodice, made up of rounded, cut-out shapes, joined by invisible nylon threads to form a sort of edge-less mosaic". (Laura Luceño)

Inventory: MT-092869


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