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"Delphos" Dress by Mariano Fortuny

Vestido "delphos", ca. 1920-1949. Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo. Colección Museo del Traje. Pulse para ampliar

Dress in silk-satin, ca. 1920-1949

Delphos dress in pleated, celadon green sateen. Boatneck, cap sleeve and floor-length. The outline is embroidered with glass beads and the belt is decorated with a border stencilled in gold.

This dress type, with the pleated fabric and Murano glass beads was created by Mariano Fortuny around 1907 and he called it Delphos. It was inspired by the Greek Chiton (used until the 1st century BC) and like it, the Delphos is also structurally a simple rectangle of fabric that rests on the shoulders and falls freely.

It was patented in 1909 and from that moment to the death of Mariano Fortuny, the Delphos was repeated with only occasional variations, such as differences in the sleeve lengths, the necklines.

It belonged to the Chaplin family.

Marks: on the inside of the dress, over one of the seams. Stamped: MADE IN ITALY. FABRIQVÉ EN ITALY, FORTVNY DEPOSE.

Inventory: MT-111882-83