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Gown by Coco Chanel

Vestido en crep de seda, ca. 1930. Coco Chanel. Colección Museo del Traje, Madrid. Pulse para ampliar

Gown in silk crepe, ca. 1930

Evening gown in ivory-coloured, cotton tulle, it is long with a fishtail cut, triangular neckline at the front and rounded at the back, with short sleeves. It is tight-fitting to mid-thigh where it fishtails into a full, fanned skirt.

Possibly one of the last gowns to come out of the atelier on Rue Cambon, before it closed in 1954. It was donated to the Museo del Traje, in 2006.

The front and back are practically identical, meaning we use the label reading “CHANEL” in black letters on a white background sewn onto one side of the neck to identify which side is which.

Inventory: MT-105400


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