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Male Doublet, 1770

Jubón masculino, 1770 Pulse para ampliar


Doublet in blue damask silk and ivory-coloured, silk taffeta. Thin stand-up collar. Very open, rounded fronts. The pocket covers are adorned with two blue passmenterie trims. The front is completed with two pieces cut into one to look like a waistcoat but only stretch to the two side seams. Long blue sleeve made of two pieces and a narrow cuff. The back has three seams. It is embellished with silk piping and golden, metallic cord entwined in silk thread. The lining of the front cloths is in natural-coloured linen taffeta, the rest of the garment is lined with salmon-coloured linen taffeta.

This open-fronted doublet, made to look like it’s made up of a jacket and waistcoat, is typical of the last quarter of the 18th century. Rafael Mengs portrayed the Marquesa del Llano in a similar doublet (Real Academia de San Fernando). Francisco de Goya, in The Straw Manikin (Prado Museum), also depicts women wearing doublets of these same characteristics.

Inventory: MT-009304